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[Lcdproc] Patch: Wrapping sliders

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  • From: bsdfan AT (Markus Dolze)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Patch: Wrapping sliders
  • Date: Sun Sep 30 20:10:01 2007

Hi Joris,

I thought about it and had a look at the other input controls. They work
a little bit different than sliders. IP, Alpha and Numeric inputs wrap
their values around. This is OK, if one wants e.g. in a alpha input to
change from 'W' to 'B'. Even with an Up and Down key I would like them
to wrap (at least forward).

LCDd always assumes you have 4 keys available (Menu, Enter, Up, Down)
and reserves them, regardless if they are enabled in the config or not.
But the left and right key are only reserved, if they are actually
configured. As soon as a left or right key is configured, LCDd assumes
you have an "extended" keypad, which makes the Enter key behave
differently. The logic behind there is a bit odd, too.

Therefore to make a menuitem aware that we have a "reduced" (3 key, no
opposite key to one), "full" (4 key), or "extended" (5/6 key) keypad, I
will have to extend the API between menuscreen and menuitem, because all
keys are only visible in menuscreen.

What do you think?


Joris Robijn wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> Thanks for your involvement.
> On a full keypad, I think it would be annoying if the slider wraps when
> you keep pressing the button. It would be best if it only showed this
> wrapping behaviour when the opposite key is not assigned. Could you add
> that ?
> Regards,
> Joris

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