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[Lcdproc] Library for Client

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  • From: Joris AT (Joris Dobbelsteen)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Library for Client
  • Date: Sat Aug 25 21:55:02 2007

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>* Joris Dobbelsteen
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> [2007-08-25 16:11]:
>> Does there happen to be a C/C++ library that a client can=20
>use in order=20
>> to connect to LCDd and display data on the display with relative=20
>> simple commands? Having such a library would be a very great help.
>There's a static library included in the lcdproc source. This=20
>library is used for the "lcdproc" client. However, the=20
>functions still assume that you pass the commands as text. So=20
>it's more a library that contains a platform independent=20
>abstration of sockets, configuration files, daemonize() etc.

Thanks for the reply...

That seems like a good starting point. But does it already have some
abstraction of the=20
protocol, like the command and response structure. Having at least this
would be very great.

Obviously I should be looking into it right now, so you can probably
shoot me with that...


- Joris

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