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[Lcdproc] Simple Serial module?

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  • From: sknauert AT (sknauert AT
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Simple Serial module?
  • Date: Sat Jul 28 13:55:02 2007

Howdy, I have an HD47780 hooked up to a PIC so that one can display text
by simply echoing out to the serial port. While I have some scripts that
display information it would be nice to use lcdproc with this.

Is there already a module in lcd proc that can make use of this type of

The hardware I would like to support is:
and/ or

If there is not a similar module, which module would be best to hack into
one? My guess would be the Matrix Orbital, but I haven't look too hard at
the code.

  • [Lcdproc] Simple Serial module?, sknauert AT, 07/28/2007

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