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[Lcdproc] IMON Driver for OSX/Darwin

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  • From: rbu AT (Robert Buchholz)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] IMON Driver for OSX/Darwin
  • Date: Fri Jun 29 01:23:01 2007

Hi Phil,

Am 28.06.2007 um 16:56 schrieb Phil Taylor:
> It seems to work and be pretty stable (no crashes in over 24 hours =20
> running LCDd+lcdproc) but I was wondering if there was anyone that =20
> has an IMON device and a Machine running OS X 10.4.x (whether a =20
> real mac or a hackintosh!!) that can test the driver with other =20
> hardware. I am currently using the VFD from an Antec HTPC case and =20
> it seems to work fine as far as I can tell . I am currently working =20=

> on getting + and =96 from the volume knob as well.
I wonder how you got a mac into that case :-)
I do have a mac with OSX here, but not that display. Seeing that a =20
case starts at 150 Euro, I don't think that'll change too soon.

> A couple of questions, I have #ifdef DARWIN for all of my changes =20
> to the imon.c file but I also need to add =93 LDFLAGS =3D -framework =20=

> CoreFoundation -framework IOKit=94 to the Makefile in the server =20
> directory and I cannot quite work out how to do it within the =20
> configure architecture.
I'd use $host_us, as set by ./configure --host=3D... This should =20
contain "Darwin" on MacOSX.
Please send in your patches against the most recent version or CVS =20
and you'll get some better responses than this one.

Also, using LDFLAGS might not be the best idea, as it seems to me you =20=

only need to link the .so of your driver to that framework and not =20
the whole server executable.



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