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[Lcdproc] hd44780 - New Module

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  • From: rbu AT (Robert Buchholz)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] hd44780 - New Module
  • Date: Fri Jun 15 00:39:02 2007

On Thursday, 14. June 2007 16:28, Clemens Zauner wrote:
> First of all: I hope that I did not reinvent the wheel.
> After some googling, there seemed no module for the LCM-162 / hd44780
> (The other ones did not work).
> I therefore made up hd44780-lcm162.c / hd44780-lcm162.h and hooked
> it into the 0.51 (From the FBSD Ports-collection). From a first
> glance it seems to work (besides the keypad and some minor issues
> with the backlight [I need to take a closer look on how these things
> are integrated] )
> sbdy else asked on this list about support some time ago:
> <
>tml> The displays seem to be present in the Lanner FW7550A/B systems,
> as well as in the Nexcom Blade Servers (the module is tested on
> Lanner).
> Can somebody light me the way to submit the two files (In the
> meantime I try to clean up the code a little bit)?

Hi Clemens,

please make sure your driver set up is as general as possible, then read
on details of autotools and documentation. Create a diff against the
latest version* and send it to the list for discussion.

Wasn't it possible to get the current hd44780 drivers to work with your


* If you use a cvs checkout, use cvs diff, otherwise download a nightly
tarball from and use diff -Nur

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