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[Lcdproc] disabling internal LCDd menu

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  • From: root AT (Harald Latzko)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] disabling internal LCDd menu
  • Date: Thu Jun 14 08:11:02 2007


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(sorry for that, I will change my webmail client when possible).

>> >> is there any way to disable the internal LCDd menu (containing
>> >> heartbeat and backlight entries)? thank you!
>> > You can simply define an empty or non existent menu key.
>> Doesn't this disable the functionality of lcdexec? I need this client
>> for
>> menu functionality, but I don't want the LCDd internal menu.
> Indeed. There currently is no other way. Except simply changing the
> server or client code.
> It might be interesting to have hotkey support in lcdexec... An lcdexec
> menu or lcdexec command could then have a hotkey attached that shows the
> menu or executes the command. Anyone wanna write it ?
For the first approach, I think I will give it a try to make the LCDd
internal menu configurable (enable/disable only via LCDd.conf entry). The
hotkey support for lcdexec seems a little bit too big for me since I don't
know the LCDproc internals.


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