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[Lcdproc] compiler requirement

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] compiler requirement
  • Date: Mon May 28 15:16:01 2007

Hi Joris,

On Sunday, 27. May 2007 14:37, Joris Robijn wrote:
> What's the current compiler requirement ? I am using gcc 2.95.4 and am
> having problems with minor obsoledities. E.g. first calling a function
> and then declaring a variable. Formatting string "%3.f" and not "%3f"
> (does the dot have a special meaning here ? in clients/lcdproc/iface.c)
> MtxOrb is uncompilable probably for a similar reason. Maybe gcc 3 is
> required ..?

I cannot exactly tell he compiler version required, but
I try to stick to C89.
Sometimes some C99 features such as freely mixing statements
and declarations in a block may come in, but I do not have any
objections agains removing them and have declarations only
at the beginning of a block.

The "%3.f" seems to be a library problem.
AFAICT it tells to print a floating point number
3 characters wide without any digits after thedecimal point (which is also
omitted). E.g. printf('%3.f' 12.3) => " 12"

What are the exact problems with MtxOrb.c

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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