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AW: [Lcdproc] clients over the network?

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  • From: M_J_Butcher AT (Mark Butcher)
  • Subject: AW: [Lcdproc] clients over the network?
  • Date: Sat May 19 22:06:01 2007

Hi All

I am wondering whether there are sometimes requirements to do this the
other way around?

That is - rather than have one computer controlling the display and
showing information from several computers, a multiple of displays
showing information from one computer or several computers. [Eg. one (or
more) computers collecting data to to diplayed and one LCD on the wall
of each room in a house displaying it (same or different parst of data
set) - or over the Internet in several location of the world displaying

I did some experimenting with this a coupel of years ago and made some
prototypes of an LCD with an Ethernet connection and internal web server
and TCP sockets. I also tested one which could collect the information
displayed from an Email account - the info could be sent to it as an

Although I haven't done much more in the meantime with the experimental
project I do still have one on-line which can be looked at via web cam
and any one can write to it using a standard web browser (it can also be
controlled directly to do animation and other such stuff using a PC
program, which is also downloadable if anyone is interested). Here are a
few links.

1. The web cam:
2. Display control via Browser - (also
contrast and back ground intensity can be controlled)
3. As second controller where LEDs can be controlled and an email test
can be made -
4. A link to some pictures of the prototypes with 2 x 24 and 4 x 20
LCDs. The board has some LEDs and a joy-stick keypad plus a
Real-Time-Clock and temperature sensor and buzzer - and electronically
adjustable contrast and backlight control.

Perhaps there is someone interested in doing something in this
direction. I still have a dozen or so PCBs and processor chips which are
going to waste. Any standard LCD can be connected to it (1 x 8 to 4 x 24
or so).


Mark Butcher
M_j_butcher AT

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