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[Lcdproc] Using Noritke VFD model cu20025ecpb-w1j

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  • From: adilson AT (adilson AT
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Using Noritke VFD model cu20025ecpb-w1j
  • Date: Sat May 19 02:25:02 2007

Good evening

I'm trying to use this VFD 2x20 with LCDProc 0.5.2 and it almost works.
The datasheet says it's compatible with hd44780 lcd controller and, as I
said, it almost works but:

1) From time to time it starts to write in another colunm, for instance,
starts in column 1, them after some time, 2, and so on. It does not messes
with the text but start to looses the last characters.
2) The cursor keeps blinking, like a block.
3) There's aways an underline cursor.

Does anyone have used it or have a clue about what's going on? It's the
last piece to complete my MythTV box.
It's wired as serial LTP if makes any difference.



  • [Lcdproc] Using Noritke VFD model cu20025ecpb-w1j, adilson AT, 05/19/2007

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