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[Lcdproc] Make a driver for Mplay blast vfd from VLsystem corp.

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Make a driver for Mplay blast vfd from VLsystem corp.
  • Date: Thu May 17 15:00:02 2007

Hi Benoit,

On Tuesday, 17. April 2007 23:07, Benoit Laurent wrote:
> Vlsys have two series of vfd the LIS serie and the mplay serie like we can
> see on her web site ( ). The LIS is
> only a VFD/LCD indicator whereas the MPLAY serie associate an indicator
> with a remote controller. The one in my case (
> ) really seem
> to be a MPLAY (blast) because it support a remote controller, auto fan
> controlling, remote pc power on/off, the remote of mplay blast is the same
> as myne and the case is sold with a soft call mplay control center.
> Write a patch, as a first step, is a good idea and i will try to make one
> but i think that we will probably need at end different drivers for mplay
> and lis.

I know that they have two series, but in my opinion these two series
have so much in common that they can use one common driver.

Having different drivers for almost identical hardware is a pain to maintain.
Having one common driver instead ensures that all parts profit from
enhancements in the common driver. And you also find more people that can
the driver and answer user questions.

> Backlight control is not supported by the lis2 driver. It export a function
> call lis2_HD44780_backlight() but the body is just this comment: /* No
> backlight control */.

Well, a patch might change this comment into something that works on a mplay.

If you really need to distinguish between mplay and lis2 for one or two
functions, you may
1) add another connection type to hd44780 that points to the lis2 init
2) use get_config_string(drvthis->name, "Connectiontype") to find the
connection type in the lis2 init function,
3) store this value and use it to distinguish between lis2 and mplay

> The LIS driver has too a function call SetFan() that configure fan speed
> but the protocol is not compatible with mplay one.

LCDproc does no fan control.

SetFan is not even used. It is only there for documentation purposes.

> By modificable font, I mean that at start the mplay modify the char 0x00 to
> 0x08 to display a logo animation and the driver (if i write it ;-) ) need
> to modify this 8 char to be compliant with the one use by lcdproc.

Setting customizable chars is what the set_char() routine is for.
It is already supproted by the hd44780 driver.

LCDproc does currently not support creating random custom characters.
Due to the restricted number of customizeable characters in most displays,
LCDproc needs to have full control over them. They are needed e.g.
for the heartbeat, for horizontal and vertical bars, for big numbers,
So fiddling around with customizable chars in the driver is a very bad
idea as it will necessarily intercact badly with the LCDd server core's
notion what is placed where on the screen and finally lead to a garbled

Hope it helps

Peter Marschall
peter AT

  • [Lcdproc] Make a driver for Mplay blast vfd from VLsystem corp., Peter Marschall, 05/17/2007

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