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[Lcdproc] HD44780 2x20 garbage

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] HD44780 2x20 garbage
  • Date: Thu May 17 13:48:02 2007

On Monday, 14. May 2007 05:20, cal wrote:
> I have an HD44780 2x20 that I have fiddled with the last couple days
> trying to get working. The most I can get is garbage characters. I
> compiled the latest lcd-proc-0.5.2 and set up a LCDd.conf to use the
> HD44780 driver.
> I've tried all connection types, but none of the others output anything.
> the winamp connection type outputs garbage but I believe this is one one I
> should be using because it is the 8-bit connection.
> I did not wire this LCD however I believe it is the 8-bit winamp wiring
> because it works great under LCDSmartie on windows, using the HD44780 dll
> file, and the wiring diagram on their site shows the 8-bit wiring.
> Under BIOS I have the parallel port set to ECP. On linux I am using the
> ppdev module by running modprobe ppdev, which creates my /dev/parport0.
> If I change the DelayMult setting in the .conf file I get different sets
> of garbage output when starting LCDd.
> Is winamp the right setting for a 2x20, same as a 4x20?
> Is using ppdev's /dev/parpart0 okay, or should I use /dev/LPT?
> (for some reason I don't have a /dev/LPT)
> Here is a link to the case I ordered, which has the LCD built in and
> prewired (which works under LCDSmartie):
> Since I am at least getting garabage I must be really close.
> Any help greatly appreciated!!

I have to guess even more.
But maybe I can give a few hints.

You do not tell how the display is connected to the computer.
Using the parallel port, the serial port or via USB ?
Without exactly knowing how the device is connected to the
system and what display type it is, anyone can only guess.

The winamp wiring is a wiring for a parallel port connection.
In that case (and for other parallel connections) the "Driver"
directive is irrelevant.
Use the "Port" directive for that.

Have you had a look at ?


Peter Marschall
peter AT

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