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[Lcdproc] HD44780 / Backlight flickering solved?

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  • From: adrian AT (adrian AT
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] HD44780 / Backlight flickering solved?
  • Date: Thu May 17 09:25:01 2007


Firstly, let me just thank the developers for providing socket-based =20
access to my LCD display - this is *exactly* what my project requires! =20
That said, I have had a couple of problems setting my display up...

Short Version
Why does "Backlight=3Doff" in the [server] section of LCDd.conf fix my =20
backlight flickering problem? I thought Backlight could only support =20
the values "yes" or "no"?

Despite what I would imagine, "backlight=3Doff" turned the backlight on =20
- even through the "thank you for using LCDProc & Linux" message...

Long Version
I have tried perhaps every permutation of heartbeat/backlight settings =20
in LCDd.conf (after reading that the heartbeat could be causing the =20
flickering), and I wondered why "lcdproc -f L" didn't seem to suffer =20
from any backlight flickering, while the other "screens" did. However, =20
once the CPU usage cranked up, "lcdproc -f L" suffered from the same =20
backlight flickering too - it seemed that the problem was related to =20
CPU usage?! Once I set "backlight=3Doff" in the [server] section of the =20
config, I could set DelayMult back to 1, without any problems at all.

Although everything works now (touch wood) I just wanted to post my =20
findings to see if anyone could explain, or benefit from, my =20



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