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[Lcdproc] new LCDd.conf option ServerScreen=blank

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] new LCDd.conf option ServerScreen=blank
  • Date: Sun May 13 11:07:01 2007


On Saturday, 5. May 2007 20:04, Uli Brueggemann wrote:
> First the server has to be started. It brings the hello message.
> Then the first client starts with the client message.
> But just before the client message is shown the server stops the hello
> message and starts with the standard message. So the display is blinking
> busily.
> Finally the first client message comes up and may then stay forever
> according to your idea.
> So what I do not like is the message in between.
> Anyway I have a workaround.

Uli, I can confirm the issue.
But unfortunately I did not find a solution to it despite
extensive tests and code changes during the last few days.

I added comments to the relevant code part in serverscreen.c
to make people aware of the issue.

To compensate for it I added a new value to the config option

Setting "ServerScreen=blank" in LCDd.conf does not show the
classic server screen with the client & screen statistics,
but a simple blank screen.

It may be not exactly what you wanted, but it solves the problem
quite elegantly: switching to blank and then to a new screen
is less disturbing than having the the classic server screen
shown for a split second.

I even found a use case for the feature:
With the xosd driver the server screen is really annoying
if you do not have a client running.

Hope it helps

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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