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[Lcdproc] Has anyone compiled LCDproc for ARM?

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  • From: epooch AT (Eric Pooch)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Has anyone compiled LCDproc for ARM?
  • Date: Sat May 12 05:59:01 2007

I meant the curses driver, not client.

On May 11, 2007, at 10:39 PM, Eric Pooch wrote:

> if you are using the Zipit to monitor the activity of another
> machine, just use the ZipIt to ssh into the machine and run LCDd
> configured with the curses client. I do this all the time on my
> Zaurus. It doesn't seem like there is much need to actually
> compile the server on the ZipIt, especially if you are monitoring
> another machine anyway.
> --Eric
> On May 11, 2007, at 11:41 AM, Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> Hi, all,
>> I was musing about the suitability of a ZipIt as an all-in-one
>> LCDproc
>> server _and_ client - for those that don't know what a ZipIt is, it's
>> a $99 palmtop 802.11b instant message appliance with a 320x200 mono
>> screen, running Linux. It's easy enough to reflash with a
>> non-dedicated kernel to use as a wireless SSH terminal, a wireless
>> MP3
>> player, etc. With the standard serial-port hack to re-flash it, one
>> could control any external RS-232 display that LCDproc supports, or
>> one could just use the onboard graphic screen with a new ZipIt client
>> (it would probably heavily resemble either the existing SVGA
>> client or
>> the existing curses client).
>> Since I've only ever used LCDproc with x86 processors, I wasn't sure
>> if anyone had ever compiled it on something embedded like an ARM.
>> Essentially, I'd like to have a low-cost untethered (except to wall
>> power) display to be able to monitor activity much further than one
>> can practically go with serial, parallel, or USB links between the
>> machine running LCDd and the display - think of a display in a
>> cafeteria or in a warehouse-sized work-space - plenty of people
>> traffic to see the device, easy to mount a small device, hard to
>> allocate an entire PC running Linux due to physical space limitations
>> and ongoing support issues. It's the same sort of issue one runs
>> into
>> with webcams - inexpensive ones want to be near a "real" PC;
>> networked
>> ones are quite a bit more expensive, but much easier to find suitable
>> mounting locations and infrastructure.
>> Thanks for any feedback,
>> -ethan
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