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[Lcdproc] Has anyone compiled LCDproc for ARM?

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  • From: epooch AT (Eric Pooch)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Has anyone compiled LCDproc for ARM?
  • Date: Sat May 12 05:54:01 2007

if you are using the Zipit to monitor the activity of another
machine, just use the ZipIt to ssh into the machine and run LCDd
configured with the curses client. I do this all the time on my
Zaurus. It doesn't seem like there is much need to actually compile
the server on the ZipIt, especially if you are monitoring another
machine anyway.


On May 11, 2007, at 11:41 AM, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> Hi, all,
> I was musing about the suitability of a ZipIt as an all-in-one LCDproc
> server _and_ client - for those that don't know what a ZipIt is, it's
> a $99 palmtop 802.11b instant message appliance with a 320x200 mono
> screen, running Linux. It's easy enough to reflash with a
> non-dedicated kernel to use as a wireless SSH terminal, a wireless MP3
> player, etc. With the standard serial-port hack to re-flash it, one
> could control any external RS-232 display that LCDproc supports, or
> one could just use the onboard graphic screen with a new ZipIt client
> (it would probably heavily resemble either the existing SVGA client or
> the existing curses client).
> Since I've only ever used LCDproc with x86 processors, I wasn't sure
> if anyone had ever compiled it on something embedded like an ARM.
> Essentially, I'd like to have a low-cost untethered (except to wall
> power) display to be able to monitor activity much further than one
> can practically go with serial, parallel, or USB links between the
> machine running LCDd and the display - think of a display in a
> cafeteria or in a warehouse-sized work-space - plenty of people
> traffic to see the device, easy to mount a small device, hard to
> allocate an entire PC running Linux due to physical space limitations
> and ongoing support issues. It's the same sort of issue one runs into
> with webcams - inexpensive ones want to be near a "real" PC; networked
> ones are quite a bit more expensive, but much easier to find suitable
> mounting locations and infrastructure.
> Thanks for any feedback,
> -ethan
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