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[Lcdproc] CwLnx display corruption - possible cause and fix

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] CwLnx display corruption - possible cause and fix
  • Date: Mon Apr 30 13:57:01 2007

Hi Dave,

On Monday, 30. April 2007 07:48, Dave Platt wrote:
> Here's the results of a few days of fiddling. I've
> - Fixed the nonblocking-write problem
> - Optimized the optimized framebuffer-update code to eliminate
> excessive move-insertion-point commands
> - Cleaned up (I think) the initialization sequence so it'll actually
> talk at 19200 if requested to do so
> - Added code to the framebuffer-flushing routine to actually propagate
> changes in the backlight status and brightness to the device. The
> backlight now goes off at low system-load levels (if lcdproc is
> configured to enable this) and the blink/flash feature is working
> (my digital-audio-recorder client uses this to signal the end of a
> recording).
> - Made "SEAMLESS_HBAR" mode work on the 12232. This required adding
> an alternative set_char routine which doesn't limit the hbar
> characters to 5 columns on this device. [I'm tempted to add
> support for the native draw-bar commands in the 1602 and 12232 but
> that would involve making the framebuffer management quite a lot
> more complex.]
> - Added some newlines to the Debian init scripts' PRINTF commands
> so that they can be run interactively without leaving the subsequent
> prompt on the same line as the script output.
> - I put the soft-reset-BIOS support code back in, but am not actually
> using it in the code at the moment.
> The patch is against the CVS tree as of a day or so before 0.5.2 was
> released... ought to apply fairly easily, I think.

Patch aplied witout a hitch.
Changes committed to CVS (with a few indenting changes to keep indentation ;-)

They will be in tonight's nightly tar ball.

Anybody with CwLnx displays please test: this is a major fix for CwLnx.

Thanks for supporting LCDproc

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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