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[Lcdproc] cliets question

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  • From: foisys AT (justice)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] cliets question
  • Date: Sun Apr 29 13:13:01 2007

Jannis Achstetter wrote:
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> justice schrieb:
>> Hi all, I have just recently bought a matrix orbital MX213 and
>> installed lcdproc. I love my new display and your prog. I have also
>> just read or well gazed over the development docs. Mind you I am not
>> a coder, although I want to be and thats part of the reason I got
>> this device. I have a few questions about how to wright some clients
>> for this. First off what language is most preferable to code in for
>> the clients?
> I write my own clients in TCL, though I know many people who dislike
> the language. You may start using the perl-examples modifying them and
> learning by that or you could even start with C.
> If you want to learn TCL:
> My example-clients can be found here:
> Jannis
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Thanks, tcl is a scripting language is it not? That may be easer to
learn for a newbie.
And I do use 2 of your clients(*hddtmp-lcd* , *hostup?* ) but I have a
problem with them. I think they are meant for more than a 2 line
display, and thats what I have. All I get is 2 lines of info. for eg.
with host up I put in 3 ip's and it only displayed one.(title and first
ip). Could you be so kind as to help me send them as more than one
screen so I can get all the info, or maybe have it scroll down? at the
moment for hostup, I just run multiple copy's of it for different ip's

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