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[Lcdproc] irtrans driver for lcdproc 0.5.1

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] irtrans driver for lcdproc 0.5.1
  • Date: Sun Feb 25 18:42:02 2007

Hi Phant0m,

On Tuesday, 20. February 2007 15:02, PhantOm wrote:
> please find attached a patch to add the irtrans driver to lcdproc.
> It is mainly based on the work done by Irtrans on lcdproc v0.4.3.
> I've been in contact with them (Marcus
> <info AT>)
> and they feel
> ok that I release it under GPL.
> This patch can be applied on the stable 0.5.1.
> It works quite well on my Origenae HTPC.

Thanks for your contribution to LCDproc.

A few comments though (that currently stop me from adding it to CVS
* I am missing documentation.
Without documentation, it is very hard for other users
to make use of the driver.
Please see
and the documentation about existing drivers what I want here.

* Would you mind to check the driver against the current CVS version,
and write the patch against this version.
New drivers do get added to the current MAIN trunk of the
CVS repository, and then migrate into the stable branch.

And a few side notes / questions (all related to missing docs)
* The driver does not seem to support custom characters.
Is it because the hardware does not support them, or is
is simply because of the drivre version ?
* I was under the impression that IrTrans was a RS232 input
device, but your driver looks like it was a networked device
that can only display data, but not get input from a remote
* Regarding the fact that the driver only supports the network
kind of irtrans devices, I'd suggest a rename e.g. to irtrans_net
to allow future other itrtrans drivers share the same namespace

Thanks in advance
Peter Marschall
peter AT

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