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[Lcdproc] CF634 Problems

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] CF634 Problems
  • Date: Fri Feb 23 16:09:01 2007


On Thursday, 22. February 2007 20:13, Wilhelm Eger wrote:
> Using a current CVS snapshot results in the same.

On Thursday, 22. February 2007 20:03, Wilhelm Eger wrote:
> Firmware version is:
> KD204-634v2.0i19.2kb

On Thursday, 22. February 2007 19:37, Wilhelm Eger wrote:
> I've got my USB CF634 over a month now and it doesn't run properly.
> There are some issues:
> + 632_634_linux show only line3 and line4
AFAIK this program is not part of LCDproc.

> + I can't set backlight status via telnet localhost
> 13666/hello/backlight on/off

There was an error in the backlight code assuming a range
of [0, 255] while only [0,100] is allowed.

> + mythtv seems to can handle backlight status once (either its on
> forever or its off forever)

> + New firmware doesn't show te heartbeat symbol but a c with an upside ^
> in top
The error was in a wrong conversion from dec. to hex:
128 is 0x80 and not 0xF0 ;-)

> + Old firmware displays wrong german umlauts and }}}} as progrss bars
> but right heartbeat symbol
> Im using a recent Gentoo with 2.6.20 usbserial and ftdi_sio as modules
> compiled and lcdproc 0.5.1 version.

The two changes have been committed to CVS.
Please try with the updated version of CFontz.c (either directly
from CVS or from tonights/tomorrow's nightly tar ball) and report

Hope it helps

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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