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[Lcdproc] Re: lcdproc-0.5.1 and serialized HD44780 on k-data wake-up 2.0 module

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  • From: lcdproc AT (Frank Jepsen)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: lcdproc-0.5.1 and serialized HD44780 on k-data wake-up 2.0 module
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 10:22:01 2007

Hello Peter,
> Ah, this explains why the backlight gets turned off after lcdproc stopped.
> So, a simple client sending something every 1 or 2 seconds should keep the
> backlight on.
with vdr-plugin-lcdproc as client this never was a problem, because this
client updates the screen all the time.
I have no problem to change the timeout of vdr-wakeup firmware to let's
say 10 sec to put it high above the Waittime default value of 5. After
all it is only a fallback when something went wrong with the PC. In
normal case the vdr-wakeup should get the end code 0xCF send. Then this
problem with backlight being turned of would be no more.
> The release for 0.4.5 has surely not made it easier to integrate it.
> Even in September 2004 0.4.5 was long out of development.
> But finally it is in CVS.
> Would you mind to update the LCDproc page of your web site to the current
> situation.
> Further I'd like to link to the VDR-Wakeup page for documentation purposes.
> Is this O.K with you?
Today I got a look at the CVS. I like the new aproach with the unified
serial attached display driver. I also found my charmap for SED1278F_0B
included. My VDR-Wakeup page is already linked in the driver
documentation hd44780.docbook. Please feel free to link to it. I will
update it as soon as possible and will test this new version. It's about
time to switch to V5.1. ;)

Bye Frank

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