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[Lcdproc] Re: lcdproc-0.5.1 and serialized HD44780 on k-data wake-up 2.0 module

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  • From: bernd.buechs AT (Bernd Büchs)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: lcdproc-0.5.1 and serialized HD44780 on k-data wake-up 2.0 module
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 20:28:02 2007

Am Montag, 29. Januar 2007 14:08 schrieb Frank Jepsen:
> I hope this helps. As you can see backlight is switched with
> WAKEUPLCD_BLON 0xC8 and WAKEUPLCD_BLOFF 0xC9. Also the backlight is
> switched of when WAKEUPLCD_END 0xCF is received or no commands from
> LCDproc are received for three seconds. Then the display goes to offline
> mode where only time and date is displayed.

Thank you Frank for providing your vdr-wakeup internals!

Your information made some of my tests obsolate. ;-)

If I interprete this correct LCDd "start", followed by LCDd "stop" makes the
backlight turn "off" because vdr-wakeup board does not receive anything from
LCDd. Well, I could confirm this behaviour with the lcdproc-0.4.5 + Frank's
patch as well with the lcdproc-CVS-current-20070128 + Matteo's and Peter's

With the old lcdproc-0.4.5 "lcdproc L", i.e. the load histogram works smothly.

With the lcdproc-CVS-current-20070128 I experianced occasionally that the
backlight was turned off [lcdproc.conf; LowLoad=0.00]. I would like to
understand the reason for that:
a) no message was received from lcdproc for 3 seconds, but LCDd should have
still contact to vdr-wakeup board?!
b) 0xCF was sended by Load screen, why?
c) 0xC9 was triggered by Load screen, changes from "old" to "new" lcdproc-0.5?
d) Interference with some BACKLIGHT blink or similar in Load client?
e) other?

I could live with the "work around" not to use the "Load" client, however I
would like to understand this first before I go the next step to use the
program airlcd <>. Some preliminary experiments
with that showed also some"random" backlight swiche off situations!



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