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[Lcdproc] lcd2usb

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  • From: reinelt AT (Michael Reinelt)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] lcd2usb
  • Date: Mon Jan 29 09:10:02 2007

Matteo Pillon schrieb:
> On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 05:03:48PM +0100, Michael Reinelt wrote:
>>> But please don't expect me to write drivers for hardware I do not have.
>> I still have one or two spare PCB's here, and probably all the parts. If
>> you'd pay for the PCB (which I bought for about 10EUR from Till), I'd be
>> willing to donate such a beast to the LCDProc project. (I would even
>> solder it for you if you're not familiar with a soldering iron)
> If you ask this way, no one will ever write the driver for you!!
> I don't see why Peter has to pay in order to do something for you...

Well, I think you missed the point: I'm *not* asking anybody to write a
driver *for me*. I don't even use LCDProc.

But I think the LCD2USB is a cool piece of hardware, and, much more
important, it's *open hardware*. So I might help by donating something
to the LCDProc project. I have been willing to donate the parts and some
work (soldering, programming the AVR, testing, ...).

If this is not welcome, forget it.

bye, Michael

Michael Reinelt
<reinelt AT>
GPG-Key 0xDF13BA50
ICQ #288386781

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