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[Lcdproc] Re: lcdproc-0.5.1 and serialized HD44780 on k-data wake-up 2.0 module

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  • From: ms AT (Markus Schorer)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: lcdproc-0.5.1 and serialized HD44780 on k-data wake-up 2.0 module
  • Date: Wed Jan 24 18:45:03 2007


Matteo Pillon wrote:
> Yes, the last is the method used by vdr-wakeup.
> You're right, backlight-escape + brightness is a better idea (even if
> setting the brightness it's not implemented in lcdproc yet, am I
> wrong, Peter?).

i was just doing it for completeness ;-). playing around with pwm
control. i want ramp-up/-down and a heartbeat ;-).

>> i implemented pwm-backlight-control in los yesterday, so still am on the
>> escape+code track.
> Are you cooperating with Erik? Good to hear that los it's not dead!! ;-)

no. not yet. just downloaded his code and adapted it to a atmega8535.

>> what direction will you go? should we change the los firmware or
>> reinsert the escape method?
>> i would like to have pwm-control on backlight, so a escape+brightness
>> method is the way to go for me.
> Sorry for the removal ;-)
> Now reinserted... patch attached (against lcdproc CVS).
> I've also implemented the code. There's only one problem: there are no
> escape codes left for los, even 0xFE breaks some charmaps!
> I put 0xFF but should be changed (it's } for ks0073).
> I think you should change los escape scheme to something similar to
> picanlcd or vdr-wakeup (with data escape only for a range, so we don't
> loose characters for escape codes).

i must confess i was just doing the minimal needed to get it to work. i
did _not_ check the complete protocol.
finding a good all-in-common solution would be best.
apart that i have some other ideas where to go.

> Let me/us know how it's proceeding with los ;-).

ok. i just mailed erik to hear what he's up to.

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