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[Lcdproc] Custom characters - hd44780

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Custom characters - hd44780
  • Date: Sun Nov 12 09:51:01 2006


On Thursday, 9. November 2006 17:10, denx denx wrote:
> I just started to explore the LCDproc. I have to include a hd44780 hardware
> into my quite complex linux system.
> The LCD hardware is a 16x2 size hd44780 based display with winamp wiring
> and 4x4 keypad. Is it any official way to display custom fonts on it? I
> don't want to write a new driver for the LCDd for only this reason!
> I've read the documentation of the program and as I see the TCP/IP
> connection would be enough for me, but I've nowhere found how can I send
> custom characters to the device - but this may be my fault...
> The target language is hungarian and there are a lot of non-standard ASCII
> character is needed but 8 is probably enough.

You did not overlook anything in the dicumentation
It currently is not possible to have custom-characters defined
in the client and sent to the server.

Please note that custom characters are used in a wide variety
of standard places in the server: horizontal & vertical bars,
big numbers, the heartbeat, icons ....)
In some cases (e.g. vertical bars with heartbeat) all 8 custom
characters of a hd44780 display are used.
So, there are not many custom charactres left in such cases ;-)


Peter Marschall
peter AT

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