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[Lcdproc] vlsystem LIS MCE VFD

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] vlsystem LIS MCE VFD
  • Date: Fri Sep 29 17:13:01 2006

Hi Johnny,

On Monday, 25. September 2006 04:38, Johnny Earnest wrote:
> Hello lcdproc'ers,
> I just got a great new case for my MythTV (
> and it came with a slick looking VFD
> from vlsystem. It's called the LIS MCE (
> I've been trying to
> get it working by using the HD44780 driver and "ConnectionType=lis2". I've
> got lcdd running with out complaining and lcdproc acts like it working, but
> nothing is showing up on the display other than the welcome sceen that has
> been there since first powering up the case. Has anyone tested the LIS
> MCE? Does anyone have it working (as if I could be that lucky)?
> So lcdd runs and lcdproc talks to it, but the display does nothing....
> /etc/LCDd.conf driver section
> ## Hitachi HD44780 driver ##
> [hd44780]
> # Port where the LPT is. Usual values are 0x278, 0x378 and 0x3BC
> #Port=0x378
> Device=/dev/ttyUSB0

Is your LCD connected to /dev/ttyUSB0 ?

> # Select what type of connection. See documentation for types.
> ConnectionType=lis2

This is necessary I guess.

> # If you have a keypad connected.
> # You may also need to configure the keypad layout further on in this file.
> Keypad=no
> # If you have a switchable backlight.
> Backlight=no
> # If you have the additional output port ("bargraph") and you want to
> root@mythbox:/myth/src/lcdproc-0.5.0/server/drivers# vi /etc/LCDd.conf
> root@mythbox:/myth/src/lcdproc-0.5.0/server/drivers# vi /etc/LCDd.conf

I hope the 2 lines above are not part of your LCDd.conf.

> #DelayMult=2
> # You can reduce the inserted delays by setting this to false.
> # On fast PCs it is possible your LCD does not respond correctly.
> # Default: true.
> DelayBus=true

Did you also set the Driver directive in the [server] section to
Driver=hd44780 ?

What does LCDd say if you run it in the foreground with reporting level set
5 and logging to stderr ?

If it still does not work, you should give the development version a try.
It has a lot of bug fixes compared to stock 0.5.0.



Peter Marschall
peter AT

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