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[Lcdproc] text-entry with lcdproc

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  • From: kripton AT (Jannis Achstetter)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] text-entry with lcdproc
  • Date: Wed Sep 27 21:34:02 2006

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Joris Robijn schrieb:
> On 27 Sep 2006 at 12:52, Crane, Matt wrote:
>> We're considering using lcdproc to drive a small character display in an
>> embedded linux device. I need to add a text-entry widget. I'm wondering
>> if anybodies done this already or if there's any gotchyas or advice? I
>> fully support open source and any widget developed would be contributed
>> back to the maintainers. Thanks in advance, Matt
> We have never done such a thing. I think the problem with it that
> everyone wants to do that in a different way and you end up writing a
> "universal" thing that does not work and noone uses.
> But you can create a menu item for alphanumeric input. Create an
> (invisible) item beforehand and when you want it to be visible you can
> tell the menu system to show that item. The user can enter characters
> with up and down and go forward with Enter. When the user has completed
> entry the client will be notified of the new text.
> Joris

I've started to do this because I wanted to execute shell-commands
with my joystick (which is an input-device fpr LCDd) but didn't finish
yet. I do this in TCL so it won't help you much but the system is
similar to the one described by Joris:
You have 5 lines:
The last line is the "text input", when selecting Next, you cycle the
alphabet, Prev cycles reverse, Selecting the line itself adds the next
char, Back goes one back and execute runs the command.
Not very ergonomic but the system works, the code does not, yet.

Jannis Achstetter

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