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[Lcdproc] Init-lcdproc flaw under FC/Redhat

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  • From: support AT (Michelle Dupuis)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Init-lcdproc flaw under FC/Redhat
  • Date: Fri Sep 15 21:37:02 2006

The blinking backlight problem is now solved!


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On Wednesday, 13. September 2006 17:14, Technical Support wrote:
> I know a RTFM message is coming my way, so I have read the docs! Just to
> add a little more info...
> I copied the sample lcdproc.conf file from clients/lcdproc/lcdproc.conf to
> /etc - clearly that was a mistake. If I understand correctly, lcdproc
> TWO programs called lcdproc.conf. One in the /usr/local/etc which has
> setup info for each screen, and one in /etc which defines which screens to
> display. (This might be worth noting in the docs somewhere - or I just
> couldn't find this info)
Not for very much longer ...

I will remove the file lcdproc.conf from the scripts scripts/ subdir in tjhe

source as well as the references in the lcdproc-*.in files in the same

It did not get removed when lcdproc got the ability to parse it's own config


> I did a make clean and the program starts without error!
> (Well, actually the default init-lcdproc script tries to show a screen "X"
> which does not exist - but I just deleted that and it starts).

What about your original problem, the blinking backlight ?


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