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[Lcdproc] output problem with Matrix Orbital LK202-25 at Version 0.5.0

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] output problem with Matrix Orbital LK202-25 at Version 0.5.0
  • Date: Thu Sep 14 15:42:01 2006

On Thursday, 14. September 2006 11:15,
RavensWorld AT
> I am trying to work with an Matrix Orbital LK202-25 at Version 0.5.0.
> I connect via telnet localhost 13666 on the LCDd service.
> - init a new screen via screen_add command
> - making some settings via screen_set
> - init a new widget via widget_add
> - set the widget via widget_set --> and I got no output on LCD
> I have done the same under version 0.4. and I got an output.

Does the display show the Server screen after startung up ?
On a 4 line display it should look like
## LCDproc Server ##
Clients: 0
Screens: 0
With 2-line displays the last two lines are combined into one
with the texts a bit abbreviated.

If it does, the server seems to work O.K.
If it doesn't, what does the server say when being started with
the options -f1 -r5 -s0

If it still does not work, next thing to try is the nightly tar ball from CVS.

Hope it helps

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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