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[Lcdproc] Newb with install troubles.

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Newb with install troubles.
  • Date: Sun Aug 13 17:34:02 2006


please keep your replies to the list so others can help as well.

On Sunday, 13. August 2006 16:10, Joey French wrote:
> Well, I looked through it, and didn't see what I should change. I have a
> Hitachi hd44780 display, running on a parallel port, wired according to the
> diagram specified in the attachment, from the company that sold me the
> display. When I try to start clients, this is the error I receive.
> $ lcdproc -s -p 13666 C M A
> Error connecting to LCD server on port 13666.
> Check to see that the server is running and operating normally.
This is an error message from the client indicating that it cannot connect to
the server. This does not help very much in diagnosing why the srever is not

Try running the LCDd server with the parameters -f 1 -r5 -s0
They instruct LCDd to run in the foreground, to set the display level to 5 (
i.e. the max. value) and to show all messages on the console.

> So, naturally I look at the server section in LCDd.conf, and see no values
> that should be derailing me.

Well, a quick glance at the LCDd manual page (or at the User Guide)
shows that LCDd supports at least 3 wiring schemes for LCDs connected to the
parallel port (the parameter is called "ConnectionType"):
* 4bit
* 8bit
* winap
Your LCDd.conf states "4bit" although the wiring is definitely a 8-bit wiring
(i.e. one of the others).
I cannot tell exactly as I do not own a parallel LCD.
Did you try to change it ?
Did you talk to your vendor about it ?

Next possibility for failure: the "Port" setting the [hd44780] section of
LCDd.conf. It tells LCDd the parallel port where the LCD hangs.
Not knowing your system I must guess your port setting is O.K.
I.e. the LCD hangs on the designated port.


Peter Marschall
peter AT

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