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Fwd: Re: [Lcdproc] CFontz driver buggy in LCDProc 0.5.0

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: Fwd: Re: [Lcdproc] CFontz driver buggy in LCDProc 0.5.0
  • Date: Sun Aug 13 12:05:01 2006


please keep your replies to the list so other peole can make use of the

On Tuesday, 1. August 2006 18:45, Leeman2000 wrote:
> I've installed the actual CVS today and this fixes the switching error.
> But the error with the ^ stays, it shows instead of the heartbeat sign
> obove a small c in the upper right corner.
> The ^ also shows above another c ath the end of each hbar and seems also
> be shown instead of some hbar-stats, it even gets displayed instead of
> bignums.
> Thanks for the fixes til now I will further do tests if it helps you,
> now that my PC is working again :)

I must admit I am a bit at a loss here.
Without the hardware to test the code it is really painful.

If I have read a few posts on the ML correctly a few others are havig
problems with CFA-632's or CFA-634's as well.
See my mail to Shane Castlen
<scastlen AT>
from earlier todaythat
contains an idea what the problem might be.

Maybe you can test together and post your findings so that they can be
included into the CVS.


Peter Marschall
peter AT

  • Fwd: Re: [Lcdproc] CFontz driver buggy in LCDProc 0.5.0, Peter Marschall, 08/13/2006

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