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[Lcdproc] New LCDproc driver

Chronological Thread 
  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] New LCDproc driver
  • Date: Sun Aug 13 11:55:02 2006

Hi C=C3=A9dric,

On Sunday, 6. August 2006 21:31, NeZetiC wrote:
> Le 6 ao=C3=BBt 06 =C3=A0 14:30, Peter Marschall a =C3=A9crit :
> > Why don't you send in the patch or publish it on your web site so
> > that we can
> > have a look and can check whether it is considerd ready for inclusion.
> > I.e. whether it integrates with the build system, wthether it is
> > documented, ...)
> Ok, I made a tarzip with driver sources, a README and a patch for
> lcdproc-client.
> You can download it at :
> Driver is ready to integrate (I have integrate it in my lcdproc
> version using your documentation, & co).

Please provide the patches to integrate the driver into LCDproc too:
=2D acinclude.m4 (for the driver selection in
=2D server/drivers/ (for how to make the driver)
=2D LCDd.conf (for the driver configuration)
=2D docs/LCDd.8 (info about the driver in the LCDd man page)
=2D docs/lcdproc/user/drivers/XXX.docbook (info about the driver)

Especially the documentation is important as it allows other=20
people to get to know the driver and its uses without having to=20
browse through the code and ask on the mailing ist.
Please use the CVS version (the nightly tar balls are O.K)
for that as it may slightly differ from the 0.5 version.

> There is just a problem with the patch for lcdproc client. If you use
> it, you MUST use EyeboxOne driver (or you will have funny characters
> in the screen with others ;) )
I hope you understand that this patch will not make it into the release=20
without changes.
I see a few options:
=2D add a patch file to the CVS containing the patch
=2D modify the patch so that it is hidden behind=20
<your code>
If anybody then wants the functionality he can then configure
lcdproc with this define
and the extended functionality is available to him/her

Best regards

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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