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[Lcdproc] Logitech G15 driver for lcdproc

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  • From: mirabeaj AT (Anthony J. Mirabella)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Logitech G15 driver for lcdproc
  • Date: Sat Aug 12 02:42:01 2006

Peter Marschall wrote:
Hi Anthony,

On Wednesday, 26. July 2006 11:16, Anthony J. Mirabella wrote:
I have developed an lcdproc driver for the LCD on the Logitech G15
keyboard that I think is now ready for wider testing and then inclusion
in lcdproc. This driver depends on libg15 and libg15render from the
g15tools project at SourceForge. Versions of these libraries that will
work with the driver are set to be released shortly. For now, however,
compatible libraries as well as the patch against lcdproc-0.5dev are
available from subversion at I would appreciate
any feedback that anyone can offer. Thanks.

I hjad a quick look at the patch. All in all it look O.K., but from a user's
point of view I see a (the usual) big issue: missing documentation.

Please add a docuemntation about the driver to the already existing driver
documentations in docs/lcdproc-user/drivers/*.docbook and reference it from

The documentation should contain information for what kind of device the driver is useful, what prerequisites the driver has and explain the driver options.

If you consider the driver (and the libraries required for it) mature enough,
please post it to the LCDproc ML so that it can be incorporated in LCDproc's

Thanks in advance

I've added some documentation for this driver. I've never used docbook before, but I think I've got the format right from looking at other drivers' doc files. The dependencies should be sufficiently stable for inclusion. G15daemon is at version 1.2.1 and is unlikely to significantly change before a planned rewrite for 2.0. Libg15render 1.1 will be released shortly, though this driver will work with either 1.0 or 1.1. Version 1.1 changes the g15canvas struct and will require a recompile of the driver if previously compiled against libg15render 1.0. otherwise, all functions used by this driver are stable. A diff against current lcdproc CVS HEAD is attached.

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