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[Lcdproc] LCD drivers for ARM EP930x series processors

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  • From: themoog AT (Matt Godbolt)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCD drivers for ARM EP930x series processors
  • Date: Thu Jul 13 11:23:01 2006

[resent as original went only to Mattia; I intended it to go to the
group in case anyone has further comments! :)]

Mattia Jona-Lasinio wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> I read your post on the LCDproc mailing list. Would you be interested
> in porting LCD-Linux ( to the ARM
> processor? LCD-Linux is a kernel level software (kernel module) to
> drive lcd panels, very similar to lcd-mod. The main difference is that
> lcd-mod is only for the hd44780 controller whereas lcd-linux can
> virtually drive any controller. The system consists of two kernel
> modules, lcd-linux and the controller driver. lcd-linux implements a
> complete VT102 terminal emulation and provides control character
> handling and many other features like scrolling. The controller driver
> implements the low level driving routines. Everything is transparent
> to the user, which only accesses the /dev/lcd character device.
> Moreover lcd-linux supports more than one display at a time and every
> display is addressed to as /dev/lcd0, /dev/lcd1 .... and so on.

That sounds like a sensible thing to port -- is there then a driver for
LCDproc for the lcd devices, or would that also need support? I'm
interested in getting LCDproc because it supplies a useful set of other
features too (menus etc) and I'm using my ARM machine as an MP3 player,
for which there already some LCDproc clients (including the infra-red
stuff I'll need).

Either way, if it's easy to get working - and really it should be - I'll
certainly consider porting LCD-Linux too anyway!

Cheers for the pointer on this one,


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