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[Lcdproc] LCD drivers for ARM EP930x series processors

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  • From: themoog AT (Matt Godbolt)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCD drivers for ARM EP930x series processors
  • Date: Wed Jul 12 09:25:01 2006

Hi all,

I'm looking to write a new driver for LCDproc for the Cirrus Logic ARM
EP930x series of processors, with the LCD panel directly plugged into
the DIO ports of the processor (for an example of this see Embedded
ARM's pages e.g.
I'm new to the LCDproc system, but I've already ported lcdmod
( successfully.

Before I go on and make a driver for LCDproc, I wanted to check a couple
of things. Firstly that I'm not duplicating anybody's else's work - I
couldn't find any mention of EP930x support anywhere, but it never hurts
to check!

Secondly, in order to read and write to the DIO ports of the processor,
I need to do one of two things: Either run as root and memory map the
hardware addresses and access them directly, or else use an OS-level
driver and talk to that. Both have advantages - simplicity and all the
code in one place for the former, and ability to run as non-root in the
second. Based on your experiences, does anyone have any suggestions?
Personally I'm tending towards the second solution at the moment; using
the lcdmod-based driver I've already got working as a staging post and
then having a 'direct to LCD' mode within it that I can then hook into
an LCDproc driver (accessing /dev/lcd, as a non-root user).

Having spent a little while looking into this, I'm very impressed with
the existing LCDproc code: It looks very easy to modify!

Any comments and suggestions gratefully accepted,



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