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[Lcdproc] sed1520

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] sed1520
  • Date: Sun Jul 9 17:04:01 2006


On Sunday, 9. July 2006 14:23, Cornelius Koelbel wrote:
> Hi, it all looks very good.
> It is connected. At least it is set in the bios and also the
> /proc/ioports told me this. I removed the parport module and all the
> modules belonging to it and using the parallel port.
> I set the level to 5. Everything looked fine. As a test using an ncurses
> drivert it worked out.
> Please find attached the output of LCDd. I have not connected a client yet.

Hmmm, it looks alright.
The driver gets loaded and the server screen is being rendered.
On shutdown the "Goodbye"-Scrren is being rendered too.

So, from this point of view everything looks very promising.

I guess you still do not get anything displayed on the display, do you ?
If you don't, I am a bit lost (not knowning the hardware).
Possible causes where I'd start looking
- hardware: is the board O.K.; are the chips on it O.K,
what about the variable resistor ? Did you play around with it ?
- software: the low level functions of the driver (writecommand, ...)
might not be O.K
Maybe you can instrument them and find out how they
should behave

Hope it helps

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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