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[Lcdproc] Setting up my LCD display, seems to work but doesnt

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  • From: sajko AT (Fredrik Eriksson)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Setting up my LCD display, seems to work but doesnt
  • Date: Fri Jun 30 20:57:02 2006

Hello, im new to this list so bare with me ;).

This is probably some silly error which i have no clue about, but reading
the user guide didnt really help me.

I have this Origen Dign H5 chassi with IRtrans LCD display. I've followed
the install file, the user manual and some home tinkering also.
Im running the 0.4.4 version of LCDproc.

And i have a ttyUSB0 device so the device is found (from dmesg):
usb 3-2: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0

and lshwd finds as following
003:003 USB Vendor Specific Class: IRTrans USB (ftdi_sio)

I havent done any massive changes in the /etc/LCDd.conf file, just the
neccessery changes to match my devices and such.

even with all this, and it does seem like LCDd is setting up a server, and
then i connect with
lcdproc -s K -p 13666

lcdproc stands still w/o any output, and i see in the LCDd that a client
has connected.

So far so good aye?

not really, cause nothing happens on my LCD display.

Is there something more then ive done that im supposed to do?
Is there some other program i need to run?

Thanks in advance :)
tell me if you want dmesg logs or anything and ill mail them.

Fredrik Eriksson

  • [Lcdproc] Setting up my LCD display, seems to work but doesnt, Fredrik Eriksson, 06/30/2006

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