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[Lcdproc] example menu?

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  • From: schnobs AT (Christian Schnobrich)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] example menu?
  • Date: Tue Jun 27 13:32:02 2006


a long time ago I built a CD copying station from spare parts.

Currently it just runs a tiny shell script every so often, checking if a
CD & blank are inserted in the respective drives and starting cdrdao
when appropriate. When done, you just power off the box (until now fsck
has always been able to sort things out).

My Girlfriend loves it because now she can copy CDs without being asked
all kinds of questions she doesn't understand; I love it because she's
no longer bothering me whenever she wants a CD copied.

However, now that I've come by a few spare LCDs, I thought I could add a
simple frontend to the box. Like, "write the same CD again?" and

My previous programming experience is nonextistant, but using python, my
first attempts at writing text to the display were successful.

However, I cannot make heads or tail out of the menu stuff. Or rather, I
think I understand how to build a structure using menu_[add|set]_item,
but I don't get how to actually browse the menu and select items.

Does someone happen to have a menu implementation that I could have a
look at? The simpler the better.


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