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[Lcdproc] 2 line BIGNUM display on HD47780

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] 2 line BIGNUM display on HD47780
  • Date: Sun Jun 18 12:05:02 2006


On Thursday, 15. June 2006 11:05, Robin Gilks wrote:
> >> I know that the current implementation of BIGNUM on the HD47780 display
> >> requires at least 4 lines, I wondered if anyone had done it on a two
> >> line
> >> display using the 8 available user defined characters.

It is not only possible. It is already done.
It is in CVS HEAD but not yet in the stable branch
I wanted to have more testers before bringing it to stable.
You can download it from:

> > I've done it about 3 or 3 month ago, the patch against lcdproc 0.5.0 is
> > somewhere in the mailinglist (there is a picture of the display too).
> > The threat is named: "big numbers on hd44780 cvs". Unfortunately it is
> > NOT compatible with the recent CVS-version anymore.

For a few drivers - CFontz633, CFontzPacket, HD44780, IOWarrior,
serialVFD - I updated the character definition functions to use only one bit
per pixed. instead of a whole byte.
I also updatd the ad_bignum library accordingly and updated the drivers
mentioned above to use the adv_bignum library.

So all these drivers currntly have the full adv_bignum support:
CFontz633, CFontzPacket, HD44780, IOWarrior, serialVFD
With more to come if someone is willing to convert the driver
and send patches or is willing to test.

> > [ ... ]
> > I'm also planing to fix the lcdproc-client for the use on ?x16
> > and ?x12 displays.

Now that we have a configuration file for the lcdproc client
you can make the time configurable.

Please make your changes against CVS HEAD

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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