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[Lcdproc] CFontz633 or CFontzPacket... + Temp on CF631 and CF635 Re: [Lcdproc] Cfontz fan temp

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] CFontz633 or CFontzPacket... + Temp on CF631 and CF635 Re: [Lcdproc] Cfontz fan temp
  • Date: Sat May 20 17:39:01 2006


On Tuesday, 9. May 2006 13:59, David GLAUDE wrote:
> I would like the latest news on:
> "Should the owner of a CF633 use CFontz633 or CFontzPacket?"

I tried to make these two drivers as similar as possible concerning the CF633.
So I suggest to use the CFontzPacket driver for the CF633.

> Also specifically about the CF631 and CF635:
> "Are the Fan, Temp and other additional feature supported by your 'fan
> temp' version?"

> I guess my question to Steward W. Putnam is:
> "I think you did work on CFontz633 module, this mean owner of CF631 and
> CF635 will not benefit from it."
> And my questions to Peter Marschall are:
> "Do you have the additional module for the CF631 and CF635 and did you
> investigate supporting some of those feature in CFontzPacket?"
> "Did you look at Steward modification for fan support?"

CF provided me with such a board But I did not get round to
trying it since I use my displays externally with USB.

> PS: My recent interest in CF screen is a very strange thing to me too.
> PPS: My CF631 does not support external module since it is release
> 1.0/1.0 ... but I have a CF633 and 4 temp sensor (and maybe a few fan).

I do not mind killing the original 633 driver and adding Steward's driver
with temp and fan support instead (if possible with CF631& CF635 support
as well)

Or alternatively have the CFontzPacket driver integrate Stewards patches
so that they can be enabled/disabled at compile time.

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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