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[Lcdproc] Medion MD8800 LCD display.

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  • From: martin AT (Martin Moeller)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Medion MD8800 LCD display.
  • Date: Sat May 13 12:45:02 2006

=46redag 12 maj 2006 19:12 skrev Peter Marschall:
> Hi Martin,
> On Friday, 12. May 2006 14:07, Martin M=C3=B8ller wrote:
> > Please, could this get committed to CVS? It works without incident and =
> > would be nice if it would *just work* for people in the not so distant
> > future..
> >
> > I hope to see it included in 0.6 which hopefully won't be 2 years away =
> I will add the driver to the CVS repository as soon as I have access again

> But having the code is not all that comprises good software.
> (BTW thanks to Stefan Herdler for the code)
> We also need documentation to also help people that want to use
> LCDproc but are not so fit to read/guess the documentation from the
> code ;-)
> As you are the owner of the specific LCD I guess you can best give
> information about this exact LCD (what type/brand of PC it is in,
> its dimensions, its special features, ....)
> Please have a look at the section "It's all about documentation" in the
> "Adding your driver to LCDproc" chapter of LCDproc's Admin Guide.
> (ithe file name is docs/lcdproc-dev/add-your-driver.docbook)
> what is needed.
(searching... Ah! Found it!). Sure, I'll take a stab at that.

As far as I can tell, most entries describe the LCDd settings but not what =
exposed to clients? There's not much to document about the LCDd side of=20
things, but I'll do what I can.

How about Stefans comment at the top of MD8800 with the various output=20
commands. Can I included that pretty much verbatim in the docbook and give=
some examples of how to use the output command?

Basically something like:

The best way to make use of the output command is to define some memorable=
variables in the client you're writing. Syntax differs a bit from language =
language but the meaning should be quite clear from the below examples (bas=
on perl):

=2D -

$on =3D 50; # Add this much to the 'output' value to enable the given featu=
Otherwise, turn it off.
$music =3D 7; # Controls the music icon in the multimedia display

$var =3D $music + $on;
print $remote "output $var\n";
$lcdresponse =3D <$remote>;

Note: There can be some timing issues so you may need to insert some pauses=
before sending your next command.

=2D -
I guess my best example would actually be my amarok client and (if I find t=
information I need) my media monitor that will set the hdd, usb, cdrom, 139=
tv, music, photo and movie icons based on events from HAL and/or running=20

I must be missing something on my system because I don't see the documentat=
get installed anywhere when I run make install? In what way does=20
user-readable documentation get generated? Either man pages, PDFs, txt file=
or similar? Am I simply missing the program that converts the docbooks?
> Thanks in advance
No problem. I'll go grab the latest tarball and get right on it.
> Peter

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