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[Lcdproc] Further MD8800 information.

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  • From: martin AT (Martin Møller)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Further MD8800 information.
  • Date: Wed May 10 02:42:01 2006

Hello all.

I have uploaded various information at my website that may be of interest:

Below I have the following available:
* lcd-demo.avi - Shows what the display can do. Used my to do
Was originally used to give Stefan an idea of what he was dealing with :)

* lcd-tests.txt - Documents the codes I have found

* lcddisplay.003.avi - Shows by crude script '' in action. This
when I only knew that I could echo to the display but hadn't yet found any

* - shell library for interfacing with the display. A poor mans
lcdproc, basically...

*,, - test scripts that might be useful
for others who need to figure out what their displays can do. Could probably
do with some more documentation...

* md8800.avi - Shows off lcdproc running on the MD8800. A few calls through is thrown in. They work fine together.

* md8800-lcd.jpg - High-resolution picture of the display with most things

* in the chars/ director I have 4 pictures of the character-set from 128-254
(I added a comma in the first picture and thus 255 didn't fit. It wasn't that
interesting anyway :))

More generic stuff:

AmaroK lcdproc client (optional extras for MD8800 display):
* Older version that should work with lcdproc 0.5:
* Current version - requires CVS tarball:

The MD8800 bits should be disabled by default.

I will upload the AmaroK client to kde-apps and the like a little later. Any
feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Should anyone else have a MD8800 I have some other directories with setup
information that enables all keys on the keyboard and activates the Dual TV
tuner, amongst other things. Get the big picture here:

If you understand danish I have put up a guide here:

I will be making an English version soon - I just need some sleep
first ... :-)


  • [Lcdproc] Further MD8800 information., Martin Møller, 05/10/2006

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