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[Lcdproc] Cfontz fan temp

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  • From: stewartputnam AT (Stewart W. Putnam)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Cfontz fan temp
  • Date: Tue May 9 00:43:04 2006

I put up another revison of my fan / temperature / system
performance project on the CrystalFontz board:

I'd like to thank Jannis Achstetter on the list here for an example
of how to read the hddtemp daemon. ( Aside; I own only one hard drive
that hddtemp can read, so I my implementation might be broken for
reading multiple drives. )

Frow the start my interest in in the Crystalfontz's Dallas / MaximIC
has been off the main focus of LCD ( "oh, the temperature driven fan
manager has a display screen too? Neat." ) The packet send-receive
round robin que system in multiple threads in shared memory for
gauranteeing fan management is quite divergent. And the parts that most
directly violate the lcdproc plan by spawning a socket screen client
with access to the Driver * and writing directly to struct widget->text
are all bracketed by #ifdef <>#endif, for what it's worth ;)

That much said ... anyone from here who finds something broken in it
please let me know.

Stewart Putnam

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