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[Lcdproc] Handy like input method.

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  • From: marcus AT (Marcus Priesch)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Handy like input method.
  • Date: Fri May 5 12:36:02 2006

Hi Folks,

first of all a big thanks to the LCDproc development team ! - its a
great piece of software !!!

now for the real fun: i am working on a voip phone with a hd44780
display. i have managed to port LCDproc to use the display - it's
connected via a serial port and to read the keys from the proprietary
hardware ... so far so good ;)

as with an ip-phone someone occasionally wants to enter alphanumerical
text - e.g. username / password. I plan to use the input scheme used
also on mobile phones - i dont know the name for this, but the idea is
to press for example the digit "2" more times to get the letters "A",
"B", "C" - i think you all know what i mean ;)

My thought (and question) now is: is there any ongoing effort in LCDproc
for such an extension, and how and where would it be implemented best

i'm using 0.5.0 version of LCDproc ...

thanks a lot for your effort ;)


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