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AW: [Lcdproc] New try... hd44780/hd66712

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  • From: Andreaz AT (Andreas)
  • Subject: AW: [Lcdproc] New try... hd44780/hd66712
  • Date: Thu May 4 16:47:02 2006

robijn AT

[mailto:robijn AT]Im
Auftrag von Joris

>> theyre shiftet to the beginning after around 10 characters or so
>> (its an 4x20 display, with the not 100% compatible HD66712
>> controller).

>Have you actually read the whole hd44780 section of the config file ?
>Not 100% compatible controllers are mentioned in there. There's an
>option for linear addressing, which you probably need.

I think i tried everything that it's in there - maybe not. All i
can see is that the lines/rows are counted differently with that
controller. Only the Character-Positions are wrong (but not all,
only some), the characters itself are fine.

Thanks for reply.


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