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AW: [Lcdproc] New try...

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  • From: Andreaz AT (Andreas)
  • Subject: AW: [Lcdproc] New try...
  • Date: Thu May 4 16:34:02 2006

>Von: Romuald Conty
>[mailto:conty.romuald AT]
>On 5/3/06, Andreas
><Andreaz AT>
> wrote:
>> Today i tried again to run lcdproc...
>Good ! ^^

>> I can see some output on that
>> display...
>Great, isn't it ?
Hehe... So far, yes. It do something. Im damn sure lcdproc is a great idea.
The most thing i like is that the display-output is remote-controlable
via a client. That makes the usability complete endless...

>> (its an 4x20 display, with the not 100% compatible HD66712
>> controller).
>Do you know what is different between HD66712 controller and yours?
>Can you tell us what is your controller exactly?
Hmm... Exactly? Are there more types of the HD66712? Uhm! Ive no idea...
I bought this display from a website called and its
working completly with the lcd4linux project - but im interested to
control the display via clients, a feature that is maybe planned in the
future (for lcd4linux).

>> Is there any chance to get this one fully working ?
>I thinks sure ! With some code writtting...
At the moment i try to discover the difference between the generic
hd44780 and hd66712 in the other display project (cause its working
there). It seems, so far, only a slight modification is need to make
it work. I read anywhere that the main difference between both is the
ram-layout. But digging through c-source could maybe take forever
for me, im just a hobby-programmer... (like we are all?).

What i found so far is a datasheet of that thing:

>> If it will help,
>> i can try to photograph the display to explain more than its
>> possible with words.
>Does it really matter? Do you think that we can better understand with
Dunno! Depends on my slangish. ;)

Thanks so for, picking up my "problem".


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