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[Lcdproc] New try...

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  • From: conty.romuald AT (Romuald Conty)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] New try...
  • Date: Thu May 4 07:28:01 2006


On 5/3/06, Andreas
<Andreaz AT>
> Today i tried again to run lcdproc...
Good ! ^^

> Thanks to Jannis showing me his cvs-ebuild, but anything with my
> system isnt right and it throws an error (ive posted earlier... any
> autoconf-related), so i tried to compile the release 0.5.0 on my own
> and see if it will work... It will - so far. I can see some output on tha=
> display...
Great, isn't it ?
> On Line 1 and 3 all seems to be fine, line 2 and 4 look like
> theyre shiftet to the beginning after around 10 characters or so
> (its an 4x20 display, with the not 100% compatible HD66712
> controller).
Do you know what is different between HD66712 controller and yours?
Can you tell us what is your controller exactly?

> Is there any chance to get this one fully working ?
I thinks sure ! With some code writtting...
> If it will help,
> i can try to photograph the display to explain more than its
> possible with words.
Does it really matter? Do you think that we can better understand with pict=

> If i can help with that in any other manner
> with my little linux-knowledge, i will try.

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