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[Lcdproc] install problem

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  • From: gfk AT (Guillaume Filion)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] install problem
  • Date: Wed May 3 00:07:01 2006

Le 06-05-02, =E0 16:15, Ben A. Mendis a =E9crit :
> Yes, I am a n00b and I can't get lcdproc to work.
> First I tried v0.5.0 but server/LCDd wouldn't run. It complains it=20
> could not open driver module server/drivers/ because it's=20
> not there. I've tried compiling with --enable-drivers=3Dall and=20
> --enable-drivers=3Dhd44780 but I get the same problem each time.

Strange... Here's what I get:

$ make distclean
$ ls -lh server/drivers/
ls: server/drivers/ No such file or directory
$ ./configure --enable-drivers=3Dhd44780
$ make
$ ls -lh server/drivers/
-rwxr-xr-x 1 gfk gfk 47K May 2 19:55 server/drivers/

Could you provide a copy of your make output:
make > make.log 2>&1

> Then I tried v0.4.5 and got the HD44780 VFD in the front of my Ahanix=20=

> case to *mostly* work. But the display seems to spit out random=20
> characters and begins looking corrupted after a few minutes.

Seems like a speed or interference problem.

=46rom the HD44780 troubleshooting section of the lcdproc manual=20
If you have a super GHz computer it may happen that the signal timing=20
generated by LCDd is too fast. Adjust DELAYMULT in the source file to a=20=

bigger value. Parallel port wirings usually don't permit to read back=20
the busy flag of the controller chip, so timing must be adjust so that=20=

the controller never is busy.

Try that and tell us if it works for you,
Guillaume Filion, ing. jr
Logidac Tech., Beaumont, Qu=E9bec, Canada -
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