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[Lcdproc] Why aren't the drivers being made?

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  • From: gfk AT (Guillaume Filion)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Why aren't the drivers being made?
  • Date: Tue May 2 19:41:02 2006

Hi Jason,

./configure --enable-drivers=all

should do the trick. Not however that some drivers need specific
hardware, so they won't be compiled if you don't have that hardware.

By the way, lcdproc 0.5.0 is out:

Hope this helps,

Jason Miller a écrit :
> linux:~/lcdproc-0.4.5/server # cd drivers
> linux:~/lcdproc-0.4.5/server/drivers # ls
> . SGX120.o hd44780-4bit.h hd44780.c
> lcd_sem.h stv5730.h
> .. bayrad.c hd44780-anslcd.c hd44780.h
> lcdm001.c svgalib_drv.c
> CFontz.c bayrad.h hd44780-anslcd.h irmanin.c
> lcdm001.h svgalib_drv.h
> CFontz.h bayrad.o hd44780-charmap.h irmanin.h
> lcdm001.o t6963.c
> CFontz.o curses_drv.c hd44780-drivers.h joy.c
> libLCDdrivers.a t6963.h
> CwLnx.c curses_drv.h hd44780-ext8bit.c joy.h
> lircin.c t6963_font.h
> CwLnx.h curses_drv.o hd44780-ext8bit.h lb216.c
> lircin.h text.c
> CwLnx.o debug.h hd44780-low.h lb216.h
> lpt-port.h text.h
> Makefile drv_base.h hd44780-picanlcd.c lb216.o
> port.h text.o
> glk.c hd44780-picanlcd.h lcd.c
> readme timing.h
> glk.h hd44780-serialLpt.c lcd.h
> sed1330.c wirz-sli.c
> MtxOrb.c glk.o hd44780-serialLpt.h lcd.o
> sed1330.h wirz-sli.h
> MtxOrb.h glkproto.c hd44780-usblcd.c lcd_lib.c sed1520.c
> MtxOrb.o glkproto.h hd44780-usblcd.h lcd_lib.h sed1520.h
> SGX120.c glkproto.o hd44780-winamp.c lcd_lib.o sed1520fm.c
> SGX120.h hd44780-4bit.c hd44780-winamp.h lcd_sem.c stv5730.c

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