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[Lcdproc] install directories in lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-5-x-20060427

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  • From: stewartputnam AT (Stewart W. Putnam)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] install directories in lcdproc-CVS-stable-0-5-x-20060427
  • Date: Sun Apr 30 14:27:02 2006

Peter Marschall wrote:

>On Saturday, 29. April 2006 02:20, Stewart W. Putnam wrote:
>>So maybe I'm confused ... maybe I did something ...
>./configure --enable-drivers=all --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
>on a _freshly_ extracted tar ball should do the trick.
>It defintively does on my Debian system.
>From time to time I experience similar problems (i.e. directories given
>as ./configure options not taking effects) when I run ./configure a
>2nd time with different options than in the first run.
>Doing it on a freshly extracted source or a source cleaned with
>'make distclean' always helped.
>Hope it helps
Thankyou, yes.

The make distclean cleaned out the odd directory prefixes.


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