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[Lcdproc] lcdproc cfgfile and netlcdclient screens

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] lcdproc cfgfile and netlcdclient screens
  • Date: Fri Apr 28 09:40:01 2006


On Friday, 28. April 2006 00:37, Andrew Foss wrote:
> Fantastic, thank you very much, I'll update and start testing now!
> > On Thursday, 30. March 2006 17:41, Andrew Foss wrote:
> >> here it is w/ the makefiles this time so it should just configure and
> >> build, also reconciles, what's set in the config file vs the commandline
> >> w/ commandline taking precedence and it incorporates Markus's two line
> >> lcd mod's, looks really good!
> >
> > Sorry it took a little longer.
> >
> > I finally have committed your iface extensions to lcdproc's CVS
> > (development branch) together with a few fixes (the ones found be M.Dolze
> > and a few I found myself).
> >
> > I also cleaned up the code a bit and make it adapt to LCDs that are not
> > exactly 20 characters wide (there are some ;-)

this morning I noticed I forgot to add the iface.[ch] files to the CVS
This is now fixed. (Though it may take a few hours before the sync from
CF's developer CVS to public CVS)

In addition to that I changed lcdproc a bit so that
- lcdproc still works when the default config file (if not specified on
the command line) is absent.
This restores the 0.5.0 behaviour
- non-option arguments on the command line are honored after reading
a config file.
This went missing completely with the introduction of config files.
- non-option-arguments can be negated using ! as a prefix.

So now lcdproc should behave as one naturally expects:
- basic configuration based on config file
(or on hard coded defaulrts if none was speciofied and
no default config file exists)
- further configuration on the command line that overrides the previous

Hope you like it

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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